Funeral Dove Release Services in Baltimore County, MD

Also Serving All of Maryland

Did you recently lose a loved one? Help make their funeral truly special with funeral doves. At Dove Tails, we want to help you provide grieving friends and family with a sense of peace and comfort. Speak to us about our funeral dove release services. We happily serve the Baltimore County, MD, area.

What Is the History of Dove Releases?

Dove releases have been around for thousands of years and throughout many cultures, including the Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, and Greek cultures. While doves have meant various things to different cultures, doves are always a symbol of good.

Dove releases have often happened at weddings, funerals, and religious ceremonies.

What Is the Symbolism of Funeral Dove Releases?

When doves are released at funerals, this often symbolizes releasing the spirit of your deceased loved one. A funeral dove release can be a cathartic and special moment for those who mourn the loss of their departed friend or family member.

How Can Dove Tails Help?

At Dove Tails, we understand the sense of loss and grief that happens after the death of a loved one. We want to make the funeral that honors the loved one’s life even more special with our white dove release services.

To do so, we offer various dove releases, including a single dove release, seven dove release, and an entire flock release. All of our dove release services are affordable so that you can enjoy this beautiful moment without constraining your budget.

We do require that doves only be released in good weather, as bad weather can curtail the doves’ ability to get home safely and risk their health. All of our doves are trained to get back safely to their nests.

Do you want to help grieving friends and family have a special moment coming together to celebrate a loved one’s life? Ask about our funeral dove release services by calling us today at (410) 913-3639.