White Dove Release for Special Occasions in Washington, DC

White doves can represent a range of emotions and ideas through their grace, beauty, and elegance. Whether you want to convey eternal peace, love, prosperity, or new beginnings, a white dove release for special occasions is a wonderful way to do it. Dove Tails is happy to provide dove release services for those in and around Washington, DC. Continue reading to find out more.

Dove Release for Special Occasions

If you want an unforgettable experience at your next major event, a dove release is just the way to do it.  You can use dove releases for joyous events like weddings and vow renewals, but you could also use white doves for more somber occasions like funerals and memorial services. Either way, the stunning beauty of these birds, and the timeless ideas that they represent, will make a wonderful addition.

Our goal at Dove Tails is to make your most cherished events even more memorable. We listen to your desires and needs and will create a unique experience for you and your attendees with our white doves. And don’t worry about where the doves go after they fly away — they have been trained to fly back to their home loft unscathed.

Are you ready to turn your next special occasion into a splendid spectacle? Reach out to us today by calling (410) 913-3639. You may also choose to fill out our online contact form.